Hello, I am a British artist specialising in digital photomontage, which I exhibit and sell in the form of limited edition fine art prints. I am also a photographer specialising in portraiture.

        I have always used photography as a way of seeing and exploring the world and researching creative projects.  As a photographer I love to compose pictures in the camera, to record people, places and events as they are and as they happen. As an approach it requires energy and an engagement with and responsiveness to the ‘moment’

        As an artist I take a less immediate path to creating imagery and love to explore the possibilities of composing images outside of the camera, I employ the technique of digital photomontage to explore a sense of the places and spaces that surround us, combining and juxtaposing original photographic imagery to create a entirely new scene, strangely void of people and ‘moments’

        Much of my work is inspired by the british coastline and I am fascinated by seaside towns, many of which enjoyed their hey day in the middle of the last century. Now more run down, they have a different appeal, and still hold fond memories of childhood holidays and day trips for many.

        The ambiguous use of space within the pictures adds depth to images, which at first glance seem straight-forward and my love of colour, surface, and structure inherited from my background in textile design combine to create poetic images, where all is not as it seems.

        C A T E G O R I E S
        A R C H I V E S
        P H O T O G R A P H Y